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Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up - аккорды

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Keep Your Head Up
Ben Howard
Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up (From Every Kingdom Album)
Standard Tuning

Verse 1
C                Em7
I spent my time, watching
     G               G/f#
The spaces that have grown between us.
C                     Em7
And I cut my mind on second best,
       G           G/f#
Oh the scars that come with the greenness.
C                         Em7
And I gave my eyes to the boredom,
           G              G/f#
Still the seabed wouldn't let me in.
C                                Em7
And I try my best to embrace the darkness
G          C
In which I swim.

C                           Em7
Now walking back, down this mountain,
    G             G/f#
The strength of a turnin' tide.
C                           Em7
Oh the wind so soft, and my skin,
         G      G/f#
Yeah the sun so hot upon my side.
C                      Em7
Oh lookin' out at this happiness
   G           G/f#
I searched for between the sheets,
C                   Em7
Oh feelin' blind, I realize,
G     G/f#                 C
All I was searchin' for... was me.
   Em7    G         G/F'          C
Oh oh-oh, all I was searchin' for was me.
Oh yeah

Em7                D               C
keep your head up, keep your heart strong no, no, no, no,
Em7                 D              C
keep your mind set, keep your hair long Oh my, my darlin'.
Em7                D               C
keep your head up, keep your heart strong Na, oh, no, no.
Em7                D               C
keep your mind set in your ways.... Keep your heart strong.

VERSE 2 (same as verse 1)
Now I saw a friend of mine, the other day,
And he told me that my eyes were gleamin'.
Oh I said I'd been away, and he knew...
Oh he knew the depths I was meanin'.
And it felt so good to see his face,
All the comfort invested in my soul,
Oh to feel the warmth, of his smile,
When he said, 'I'm happy to have you home.'
Oh oh-oh, I'm happy to have you home.

CHORUS (same as above)

Em7                D               C
'Cause I'll always remember you the same.
Em7                D               C
Oh eyes like wildflowers, oh with your demons of change.

D                                C
Ohhh May you find happiness here.
D                                         C
Ohhh May all your hopes all turn out right.


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