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Xtc - The Rotary - текст песни, видео

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Xtc - The Rotary - текст песни, видео

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Thanks to erich sellheim 

Im warning you

Im warning you now

Look out people as its the holy cow

Its the rotary

I told you bout the spinning top

And thats a dance you gotta drop

Because the rotary is in

The rotary, the rotary

The dance youve got to top is the brand-new spinning top

Thats out, this is the rotary

The rotary

This is a thing thats definitely gonna make captain beefheart

And his magic band look bad

They thought they had it with the "blimp"

Well Im talking to you about the rotary

People will be coming, will be twirling, twirling, twirling, twirling

The rotary

You can jump it, I can jump it

Everybody can jump it

Grab an armadillo, grab your husband, grab anybody

The rotary

The rotary, the rotary, oh, the rotary

Its the thing thats for me and you

Ooh, ooh, the rotary

I can see the precision

Theyre lining up, falling over

Theyre going crazy

They cant get enough of the rotary

Yes, siree

The rotary

Turning, turning, turning, turning...

Youre burning, burning, burning...

With the rotary, ooh

Yes, siree

The rotary

I shouldnt want you to get this confused with any other dance craze

Because this is the one

Oh, the rotary

Youll be burning all your clothes

And youll be burning all of your jewellery

You will be the rotary

Its nothing like anarchy

No, siree

Its, its the rotary

The rotary, the rotary...


Rotary, the rotary

Youll want to do it, do it with me

Youll want to do it, you can do it for free

The rotary

Go on terry, play the rotary

How do you think he got the second half of his name? 

Terry is the last part of rotary

Drum it up, drum it up...
Добавлено: 30.01.2014
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