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Wyclef Jean - Next Generation - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wyclef Jean - Next Generation - аккорды и текст, видео

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Next Generation
Wyclef Jean
                    Wyclef Jean - Next Generation

The chords are the same throughout the whole song
The original chords are 
    D#m G#m C# D#m 
but you may use for example
    Em Am D Em

D#m              G#m                 C#                 D#m
     Hold on now,      don't die now,    be strong now
         D#m                            G#m 
He said,      I was born a crack baby
In a plastic bag in the alley
Raised in a foster home
        D#m                                      D#m  
With no mother to love and I never knew my papi
Back in the days of Bobby Mcferrin
Used to sing don't worry, be happy Lord
How can I be happy
When I don't even know my own family tree Lord

D#m                  G#m
We are the next generation, we ain't scared to die
    C#                       D#m
The only thing I fear is the after life
    D#m                 G#m
Cos I don't know what's there on the other side
      C#               D#m
But I pray the Lord forgives me, gives me one more try
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