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Wu-tang Clan - Hellz Wind Staff (feat. Street Life) - текст песни, видео

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Wu-tang Clan - Hellz Wind Staff (feat. Street Life) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
"The Wu-Tang Clan will rise again
 There are many of us, working for the good of the Wu Tang"

 "Die!" [sounds of fighting are heard]

[Verse One: Street Life]

 So get your egg crashed, by my Hellz Wind Staff
 While the feature broadcast is splashed to tell the news
 like Kaity Chung, how the bullet collapsed his lung
 His father watched the horror as he swallowed his tongue
 Another youth dead, before the age of twenty-one
 Left his son to grow, in the ghettos of the slums
 With a shot that go, for twisted metal for cash flow
 React slow nigga and get, P.L.O.
 By the lone gunner, who took revenge for his brother
 who got slain last summer by a cocaine runner
 A new year is dawning, new crews is forming
 Rival gangs warring blood steadily pouring
 The streets are deep Son every day is like a rerun
 So I reach out and try to teach one
 But eighty-five percent uncivilized content
 No tolerance so a lifetime is spent
 behind a cage bent smoked out on a park bench
 Killer instinct slave rap niggaz get lynched

[sounds of fighting]

[Verse Two: Ghostface Killah]

 So yo break that nigga arm fast as a fuck
 Tell Ra, Goldie left my beige jacket in his truck
 To all you slow footed penguins, ducking from these
 hot rocks that's flaming, chocolate for all you rap Damian's
 Spraying cards espionage, dodgeball square hard
 Strip bars, no bras, wet leotards
 and a mink in, next album 'Blood On Chef's Apron'
 Keep a Gambino PlayStation in your playpen
 Discovery Channel, cats that book at Daniel
 Coke blunts hot as a FUCK swatted bamboo
 high school dropouts, baseheads get knocked the fuck out
 on the regular for robbin a good nigga house
 Rough cut raw doses, the unexplainable
 Hot rock lava, gringo throw the flows iglasa

[sounds of fighting]

[Verse Three: Inspectah Deck]

 Ha ha ha ha, yo
 What you know about this, specialist armed dangerous
 Hit you close range with this madness
 Unique design shine like a deep dish
 The beat kick technique split all your weak shit
 Yes, the rhythm, the Rebel
 Alone in my level heat it up past the boiling point of metal
 Living legend, veteran known to set trend
 Lethal weapon, step through your section
 with the Force like Luke Skywalker
 Rhyme author, orchestrate mind torture
 Live performer, bit the mic sayanora
 Borderline to insane, I rain firewater
 Tape recorder, can't be saved by a court order
 I got my sword cross your throat you joke

[Verse Four: Method Man]

 We on the run with the golden guns, get you none
 when it reach out and teach someone, blaze they buns
 Now I'm guilty by association
 Times of blackness eclipsing the sun, target practice
 commence when I throw these darts at these rappers
 Ricochet, hit the charts, bloody your mattress
 Hold me down, Wu bloodkin, I'm going in
 Shootin bullets at the top ten, rhyme concoction
 blend like a chameleon
 All these niggaz want cheese, is we mice or men, word up
 We can go platinum but then, still can't get no satisfaction
 Once again, back on the block crumb snatching
 Blowing backs in cold
 Blunted non-assassin, time for action, Johnny Unidas
 Handle that like arthritis
 Still, hold a golden touch like King Midas

[swords clash]

[Verse Five: RZA]

 Drownin' problems in Heinekens imported from Holland
 Gettin boosted off a killer bee pollen,
 Stone columns get cracked by drum tracks
 smack loud as gun loud as gun claps
 pin a crab to death with a thousand thumb tacs
 The Wu Sensai fold, it beez the Wind Ninja scroll
 Sole edged blade controls your inner pole
 The fig loot, fruit from the forbidden tree root
 I stay secluded in the Chamber training new recruits
 with Fatal Guillotine, the black hooded team what it means
 when bullets scream from the hot glock like rock from a sling
 ("Sometimes...") Pushed through like George Bush Operation Whoops
 Shots get popped on the block causing blood to gush.
 From digital to analog, the Wu-Wear camouflage
 The entourage squad we stomping through Zanzibar
 like herds of cattle, RZA plays the wall like a shadow
 Connect the Brook to Shaol like the Varrazano Narrow.

[Verse Six: Raekwon the Chef]

 Stash the cream though, Iceatollah ice style gleama
 Lex graffiti name reamer, hold em we rolling
 asking me though, raps is hotter than, hot tamales in Toledo
 Pussy that shit she passin off to me though
 We wax Ajax niggaz with a axe, Maxamill
 You could crash a meal, got you back steel
 scold em and fold em like the thousand dollar bills
 sit back eyeing y'all niggaz out
 Fakes that delegate we spittin fire out
 Verb burglar, design the Wally shoe store reserve
 a jet status, Guyanese all up on my mattress
 Watch me mack this, Ralph Lauren goose inside a fashion
 Yo, these hands is flooded and they mad quick
 Strong approach like magnets, custom wood crane name
 Style enriched, resonate the waves with one change
 Feelin mics like, wheeling a bike, slide like
 step on his Klondike, get your dart right
 We moving on it like, wind breaker niggaz get they face broke
 Jewelry get snatched, magazine right on the low, fuck ya'll gats!

[sounds of fighting]

 "May you rot in hell!"
 "Ahahahahah, ahahahahaha, ahahahahaha!"
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