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Unknown - We Are The Weapons Of Warfare - аккорды и текст, видео

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Unknown - We Are The Weapons Of Warfare - аккорды и текст, видео

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We Are The Weapons Of Warfare
Verse 1
Em                   D - C     D
 We have a weapon of warfare
D                           Em
 The praises of God in our mouth
Em                     D - C    D
 We are sword of the spirit
D                               Em
 The word of truth the word of God

        G              C               D
For no weapon forms against us will prosper
           G           C                     D                 
For the battle is the Lord's and He'll not fail, 
         G              C                 D
We will go forth And praise the name of Jesus
        Am          G             C    D       E7
And execute his vengeance in the power of the air

        Am      D               G         Em
As we clap our hands We will strike the enemy
        C         D        Em                 E
As we dance with Joy  The host of Hell will flee
       Am       D             G             Em
As we lift our hands    His banner will be raised
               Am         Bm - C - Bm            Am   D        D
And with the shout of    victory           He's name will be praised

Verse 2
Em                              D - C    D
  We do not fight with earthly weapon 
D                              Em
  But with the weapons of the Lord
Em                           D - C     D
  We are His church a mighty army
D                                Em
  A people of praise a people of war
Добавлено: 13.04.2016
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