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Tom Petty - My Life / Your World (feat. Heartbreakers) - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Petty - My Life / Your World (feat. Heartbreakers) - аккорды и текст, видео

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My Life / Your World
Tom Petty
Am             Am             C          Am
They came this mornin' with a dog on a chain
C              Am             C        Am
 They came and took my little brother away
His generation never even got a name, oh yeah

Am          Am         C         Am
Momma was a rocker way back in '53
C             Am                C         Am
Buys them old records that they sell on T.V.
I know Chuck Berry wasn't singin' that to me, Mama,


Am               C            D               Dm
That's all right,             it's your world,        Hey,
Am               C            D               Dm
this is my life,              she's my girl
Am       C        Am       C
My life, your world

Am           Am                C            Am
I watch that fortune wheel but never get to spin it
C            Am        C                 Am
 You made me promises, I don't think you meant it
 If there's some sunshine, baby, I'm gonna get out in it,   oh yeah, Mama

Rpt Chorus:

Break G F D F

Am         Am             C                Am
I tried to leave, but the traffic had been stopped
C             Am               C                Am
The beach was burnin', and someone was throwin' rocks
 They said an airplane had fallen in my block,    oh no, Mama

Rpt Chorus:

Dm       D
My life, your world

Solo till end

[Massive Applause...]
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