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Third Day - Forever - аккорды и текст, видео

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Third Day - Forever - аккорды и текст, видео

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Third Day
From: Caedmon333 
Subject: TAB: t/third_day/forever.txt

From: boston 

Forever - Third Day
copyright 1995 Class Reunion Music/Little Man Big Man Music/gray dot songs
Words and Music by Mac Powell
Submitted by Bryan Amerling

Great song.  I saw this on the wish list and decided I should give a
little back since I've taken dozens of songs from this group over the

Special thanks to Cindy Rodriguez for her easy chord system and great
ear.  Also, thanks to Jeff Johnson, Jeff Wheeler, and Matt Taylor for
the fun jamming sessions with this and other songs.

The main riff to this song is just C and F repeated over and over.
You can play it open but there is an electric guitar playing barred
chords up on the 8th fret.  Sounds great with one guitar playing
open (acoustic) and the other barring (electric)

C    F    C    F C                      F C
I    see a hand  reaching out to help me
C                     F C     F C        F C
but I don't understand  all of  Your ways
C                       F C
You are still the potter  and I am just the clay
And though I know at times I am too proud
   C             F C
To reach for You,  to help me out
         G                           F
But if I waited on myself to get it right
                           C    F  C
I would be waiting here forever

But Your grace is never gonna to change
And Your faith always will remain
         G                        F                  C  F C
And Your love is the same yesterday, today, and forever
*End Chorus*

I see a world looking for an answer but I don't know what for
When will we realize that we're
sinners in the hands of a loving God who came and died

And wants to set us free
Oh how He longs to be with you and me
But if we waited on the truth to change at all
We would be waiting here forever

*Repeat Chorus*

I see Your hand reaching out to help me
But I don't understand all of Your ways
but you saved me, I thank You Jesus

*Repeat Chorus*

Fade out with "Forever, forever, forever"

Добавлено: 22.07.2013
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