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The Pogues - Aisling - таба, видео

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The Pogues - Aisling - таба, видео

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***Aisling - by Shane MacGowan
from the album "The Snake"

Aisling - as performed by Shane MacGowan and The Popes

(intro) [G,C,D] [G,D,G,] [G,C,D] [G,D,G] (same as verses)

G                                                  C         D
See the moon is once more rising Above our land of black and green
G                                                      D        G
Hear the rebels voice is calling "I shall not die tho' you bury me"
G                                          C   D
Hear the Aunt in bed a dying, "Where is my Johnny"
G                                                       D         G
Faded pictures in the hallway, which one of these brown ghosts is he?

Fare thee well my black haired diamond
                  C   D
Fare thee well my own Aisling
Thoughts and dreams of you will haunt me
                 D    G
'Til I come back home again

G,C,D, G,D,G X 1

        G                    C
And the wind it blows to the North and South
       G                     C/E
And it blows to the East and West
         G                C
And I'll be just like the wind my love
    G              Em
For I will have no rest
     G   C    D  G
'Til I return to thee

G,C,D G,D,G X 2

And the wind it blows...

G,C,D G,D,G X 2

Bless the wind that shakes the barley, curse the spade and curse the plough
Waking in the morning early, I wish to Hell I was with you now
One, two, three telegraph poles, give me a drink of sweet poitin
Madness from the mountains crawling, when I first met you my own Aisling

Fare thee well... X 2

G,C,D G,D,G X 1

Fare thee well... X 2

G,C,D G,D,G X 2
Добавлено: 04.12.2013
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