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The Oh Hellos - Where Is Your Rider - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Oh Hellos - Where Is Your Rider - аккорды и текст, видео

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Where Is Your Rider
The Oh Hellos

this song alternates between a few time signatures
starts in 5/4, accents on 1 and 4

Bm E

Bm                               E
Was it you 'mid the fire and the ember?
Bm                            E
Were you there to bedevil and beguile?
Bm                               E
See, your face wasn't quite as I remember
Bm                                   E
But I know that wicked shape to your smile

(banjo picking)

Bm                         E
Bury me as it pleases you, lover
Bm                         E
At sea, or deep within the catacomb
Bm                                  E
But these bones never rested while living
Bm                                   E
So how can they stand to languish in repose?

(this part feels like its in 6/4, but has an extra 2 beats every third measure.
basically, theres 20 beats per line)

       Em              G          Bm
He has thrown down the cavalry as gravel sinks
           Em              G             Bm
and as the stone founders underneath the sundered sea 
                     Em        G          Bm
of red and reed, The shadow of Hades is fading
           Em        G              Bm
For he has cast down leviathan, the tyrant, and the horse and rider

A Bm G
A             Bm  G
Where is your rider? 2x

        A         Bm         G         Bm         G
He will hold with all of his might the armies of night,
         A        Bm          G     Bm          G
Still as boulders laid to the side 'til we pass by
       A       Bm         G    Bm    G
He has hoisted out of the mire every child
              A         Bm          G
So lift your voice with timbrel and lyre
Bm         G             A     Bm       G
"We will abide, we will abide, we will abide"

A Bm G
Добавлено: 23.04.2016
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