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Tech N9ne - The Calm Before the Storm Part I - текст песни, видео

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Tech N9ne - The Calm Before the Storm Part I - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
You know what I'm sizzlin
It's time to get this party started right baby name.. they call me Tech N9ne
And I ah need a carabu lu
Uh that's 151 malibu rum and pineapple juice
You know what I'm sizzlin
Ha! Uh you down't know what dat is
Can't get the party started without that
Let's do it

(verse 1:)
You want me to jam I'm finna enta 
Brain waves came from insane days
Make ya sick like bad mayonnaise
(Tech N9ne)
Got the remidie rhyme
Criminally tryna be some shit
I crack ya open like the youngest male Kennedy
Got the whole planet rockin off the low blows
Dammit I show flows and poke holes that's supposed to be yo'z
Seekin my haters and in a dark alley tourmented by mine
Dodgin the (tech 4x N9ne 4x)

Now here's a message
Liberace may Chocolatate'
take em I'ma rock na 
Playa, nigga fuck what I say

Throw ya souls in the air like this
Flash ya bar codes while I stick em 
with another hit up out of the abyss

The Tech N9ne out to find vaginas
Since the playa clubbin it, grubbin it
Lovin that crema streama
My thing when I flips I got to make sho that it's hot
Gotta make the whole planet rock like this

Make that ass hop, don't stop
Down south niggaz make the planet rock
MIDWEST, too much ass in one room
Rat-a-tat tat-a-tat tat-a-tat BOOM
Make dat ass hop, make dat ass hop
All da ladies in the party make the planet rock
See dat ass hop, watch dat ass hop
All da fellas like to see ya make da planet rock

Hahaha dats way to much ass for me baby slow it down right here

(Verse 2:)
Call it what ya want it
Ghetto futuristic come get up on it
There's a black up in my sector can I jump on it
Cause all we wanna do is
Get drunk, get blowed, spin shits, and fuck hoes
We quick to beat a buster down bad
MidWest side put me in the sound lab
Now I'm hot damn like a ?????

I'm flippin backwards for you flow snatchers
Blast ya'll
When I ask me to playin fast ball
Crash yall
Glad yall
Mad yall 
Cause last call was in the back of the club
Bangin da hell outta dis bad bra
On my planet we take no haters for granted
They Kris Kross
(10 seconds til lift off)
Be somethin pistol grips off
Ripped off
The techniques I complete heat
Retreat 69 to 6 feet
Unique speeks freak tweeks
Never let the BCs can it
While the true trooper? of Tech Nena rock the planet


Ay partna I got a wild one here 
man see if you can help me here with this thang
It's all delicious baby

(Verse 3:)
I got dat type of funk to make ya ??? scream three
Six rappaz beein hunted by a killa MC
I neva killd a ???with a 36D
A party with the bitches on my planet lookin crispy
Swiftly makin rappers do 360
(Neva do three 6s)
Otha niggas tryna dis me be
(Under these prefixes)
Добавлено: 29.10.2013
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