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Tech N9ne - Biancas and Biatrices - текст песни, видео

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Tech N9ne - Biancas and Biatrices - текст песни, видео

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feat. Kutt Calhoun

Biancas and biatrices I know the wettin matresses
And bendin over gimme yo positions
Biancas and biatrices they love the way I'm rappin this
I dig 'em then I pluck 'em then I diss 'em

[Tech N9ne]
I'm kickin it wit this chick up in the club I'm off the lou
And when you're on that Carubou you know just what you do
I called her Bianca she said "what is that Bianca shit"
I looked and cracked a smile and said Bianca means you bitch
You'z a Bianc baby, whether you like it or not
But you hot exspecially when ex and vicaden pop 
If you trippin you can hike it and hop
Cuzz you know what I came to do
Me and my villains come to strike it and stop
Pipe it and prop, ya leg up and get up
Bianca hold ya head up, ya sex wet the bed up
Everybodies ponderin wonderin about my slang that I spit
You can use it when you refer to a dame or a chick
Don't be trippin about the choice of words I'm usin on this script
Don't step off in my face cuzz you can bet I come equipped
You wanna know what to say to get the Bianc to let you blend
Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn


You dat new green nigga Kutt Calhoun (who dat)
You know that big lip pretty nigga wit the gold teeth
Be rappin wit Tech, heard he just signed a big deal
An estimated five or six million, I'ma blow his mind (Bitch)
Big lips and all the things involved got ya whole brain disolved
You couldn't queeze in drause if you was my dick and balls
I tell you man, theses dames are lame, greedy, raunchy, and dikes
And nigga gets bit of fame and Biancas be like 
(So yo grow got loads)
Biatrices is sayin, (Hell yeah yeah yeah yeah)
But Kutty be like, (Ho no slow yo rool)
Bafoon to busy tryin to zoom off into the upper room
Claimin the glad to dick and asses I fix the seaweed
And hashish and hits so fast then dressin me
Just cuzz I'm bad bitch you gettin nasty
Goin get yo nasty ass bizass ash and slash sassy


[Tech N9ne]
Biatrices means more than one Bianca 
They actresses bring 'em sex toys and ganja
We activist ain't yes boys we monsters 
And macks at this rring ya best noise we conquer 
The fact is this say you don't wanna when you want to
Relax to this extascy and willy wonka 
We slaps a bitch, cuzz me and my niggas are bonkers
We stacks the hits, no kaliko, tyco, or tonkas 
Emaculate get the mothafucka you on a 
A lacative cuzz they boo-boo biten piranhas
My gats'll spit, till you playa hatas are gonners
Like Maximus, I'm gladiator for na-na
My raps assist the beat that disturbin ya mama
They scrap to this, welcome wicked witness the trauma
So clap to this, while you puffin yo marijuana 
Get back to this, (what) Biatrices and Biancas


[Tech N9ne]
Yo, yo, yo baby
I'm so sorry if yo name is Bianca or Biatrice
I know they givin you a hard time about it
You know what I'm sayin
A, Yo its just some lingo dog, Tech N9ne lingo
My borther Dyno Mack, hes a goddamn fool 
He came up wit that shit in L.A. dog
Baby I'm so sorry
If yo name is Bianca or Biatrice...A
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