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Stephen Lynch - Pierre - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Stephen Lynch - Pierre - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Stephen Lynch
Author: Stephen Lynch
Song Title: Pierre
Album: The Craig Machine

Standard Tuning
Chords: Am E Dm F C G -simple

Tabbed using NOTEPAD! the bestest editor EVER!

Intro dialogue:
I got a call from my old writing partner.. Jeff... and you know.. 
we were kinda drinkin talkin to each other on the phone and 
he goes “Ya know I betcha that I can name a subject that you 
can't write a song about.” I said “Alright fucker, let's hear 
it, what da ya got?” And he goes “ How ‘bout, uh, a homeless 
guy.” And I said “easy”. And he said “who is French…” LAUGHTER
  Let's give it a shot.. If this doesn't go over I owe him a 
lot of money.

   Am          E
My story is so tiresome…  (tiresome)
        E                        Am
Back in France I was rich as they come… (as they come)
      F                         C
But I lost all my wealth and my good mental health
      E                           Am
Now I live with zee filth and zee scum… (and zee scum)

      Dm                   C          G
I'm Pierre the only French bum in New York
       Dm                     C                 G
When I open my Boone's Farm I still schniff zee cork.
   Dm                      C           G
So have you a quarter, I'm begging you please
          F    E            Am
I have to have wine with my government cheese.

  Am                    E
I really should bid you adieu… (adieu)
    E                    Am
I'm feeling a bit sac le blu… (sac le blu)
   F                     C
My life is a hell I give off a bad smell
        E                            Am
but I'm French oh that's always been true. PIU!!!

FYI: I enjoyed this song so much that I wanted to 
figure it out and play it for my friends an fam.
This is my first-ever post online of a tab/chord.
I use this site often especially for Lynch chords
so I felt that it would be right to give back.
Добавлено: 30.07.2012
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