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Statler Brothers - Do You Remember These - аккорды и текст, видео

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Statler Brothers - Do You Remember These - аккорды и текст, видео

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Do You Remember These
Statler Brothers
Do You Remember These:Statler Brothers.
#105 Pop Charts and #2 Country in 1972.

F                D7                G7
Saturday morning serials, chapters 1 through 15.
C7                        F
Fly paper, penny loafers, Lucky Strike Green.
           D7              G7
Flat tops, sock hops, Studebaker, Pepsi Please.
Bb                   C
Ahh, do you remember these?

F           D7                 G7
Cigar Bands on your hand, your daddy's socks rolled down.
C7                                      F
Sticks, no plugs, and aviator caps with flaps that button down.
D7                                 G7
Movie stars on Dixie Cup tops, and knickers to your knees.
Bb      C7           F
Ahh, do you remember these?

    D7                             G7
The Hit Parade, grape Tru-Aid, the Sadie Hawkins Dance.
C7                                 F
Pedal pushers, duck-tail hair, and pegging your pants.
D7                             G7
Howdy-Doody, Tutti-Frutti, the seam up the back of her hose.
Bb      C            F
Ahh, do you remember those?

F           D7                  G7
James Dean, he was keen, Sunday movies were taboo.
    C7                       F
The Senior Prom, Judy's mom, Rock-n-Roll was new.
D7                                          G7
Cracker Jack prize, stars in your eyes, ask Daddy for the keys.
Bb      C7           F      F#
Ahh, do you remember these?

F#              Eb7              Ab7
The boogey man, lemonade stands, taking your tonsils out.
C#7                                  F#
Indian burn, and wait your turn, and 4 foul balls you're out.
Eb7                                    Ab7
Cigarette loads, and secret codes, and saving lucky stars.
    B                      C#
Can you remember back that far?

   F#                    Eb7                Ab7
To boat neck shirts, and fender skirts, and crinoline petticoats.
C#7                                     F#
Mum's the word, and a dirty bird, and a double root-beer float.
Eb7                                    Ab7
Moon hub caps. and loud heel taps. and he's a real gone cat.
B       C#7          F#
Ahh, do you remember that?

Ab7                   F7               Bb7
Dancing close, little moron jokes, and cooties in her hair.
Eb7                                 Ab7
Captain Midnight, Ovaltine, and The Whip at the County Fair.
Ab7                                          Bb7
Charles Atlas Course, Roy Roger's Horse, and only The Shadow knows.
C#7                  Eb
Ahh, do you remember those?

Ab7            F7                     Bb7
Gable's charm, Frog in your arm, loud mufflers, pitching woo.
Eb7                                     Ab7
Going steady, Veronica and Betty, white bucks, and Blue Suede Shoes.
F7                                   Bb7
Knock Knock jokes, and Who's there?..Dewey, Dewey who?
C#     Eb7      Ab
Do we, remember these.

Ab      F        Bb7    Eb7            Ab     
Yes, we do..ahh, do we, do we remember these?

Aseventies smash from Kraziekhat.

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