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Stan Rogers - Tiny Fish For Japan - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Stan Rogers - Tiny Fish For Japan - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Tiny Fish For Japan
Stan Rogers
Tiny Fish for Japan by Stan Rogers.
Tabbed by Josh O'Leary. My first tab.
Aquired by observing this dude on youtube - 
to him for his great videos.
It is supposed to be crosspicked, but I just strum the chords. Anyways, here are the 
I think the guy is playing.
I cant quite figure out the chord I labelled D?. I play it with the D string on the 
fret, and B and e both on the third.
Thats what i think the guy plays, and it sounds good.
Standard tuning, no capo.

       G         Am             D         E
Where Patterson Creek's muddy waters run down
           C      G            Am         D
Past the penny arcades, by the harbour downtown,
E                Am      D           E
All the old Turtlebacks rust in the rain
           C          D            G
Like they never will leave there again.
     G                Am           D            E
But leave there they will in the hours before dawn,
     C           G          Am             D
Slip out in the darkness without word or song;
      E               Am            D               E
For a few more years yet they will work while they can
    C          D         G
To catch tiny fish for Japan.

      D            D              C          G
No white fish or trout here, we leave them alone.
       C              G           Am       D
The inspectors raise hell if we take any home.
D               D         C             G
What kind of fisherman can't eat his catch
     E              Dsus4?        D
Or call what he's taken his own?

           G               Am                  D         E
But the plant works three shifts now. There's plenty of pay.
           C       G             Am          D
We ship seventeen tons of this garbage each day.
       E          Am                D      E
If we want to eat fish, then we'll open a can,
      C         D        G
And catch tiny fish for Japan.

        D       D        C            G
In the Norfolk Hotel over far too much beer,
     C           G             Am          D
The old guys remember when the water ran clear.
    D             D            C         G
No poisons with names that we can't understand
    E        Dsus4?         D
And no tiny fish for Japan...

         G         Am           D           E
So the days run together. Each one is the same.
          C             G             Am       D
And it's good that the smelt have no lovelier name.
      E          Am             D             E
It's all just a job now, we'll work while we can,
     C         D         G
To catch tiny fish for Japan.
           C          D         G
And we'll catch tiny fish for Japan.
Добавлено: 08.07.2012
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