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Soul Asylum - Endless Farewell - аккорды и текст, видео

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Soul Asylum - Endless Farewell - аккорды и текст, видео

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Endless Farewell
Soul Asylum

Intro: F - BIG E 2/3 - C F - BIG E 2/3 - C

C         CC              C         CC
Rise and shine keep your razor sharp.
C         CC              C      CC
Size up yourself in the mirror.
  F          C       G                   C
A slice of life, to last through out the year,
     FF F      CC C   FF F              CC C
but sooner or later it all comes back to you,
    FF F      CC C         G                  F
and we will remember, the fine things you can do.
     F                                    F     C
I'm giving back all the things that you gave to me.
     F                     F          C
I'm saving up the price to pay the decree
F                           F              C
Remember the first time you saw the rising sun.
    F                F          C
You may be done but I've just begun.
     F                                     F     C
The leaves are burning and the ashes have blown away.
     F            F                       C
I'm turning over new leaves almost every day.
     F        F          F            F
You let him think you'd just as soon stay
       F                    C
- you let him think you had nothing to say.
         G                      F
Now you want me just to let you go away,
   C          C         C            C         C       C
to find some mangled security, some strangled form of purity,
      F          C        G                      C
to restore your faith and all the things you've come to hate.
    FF F         CC C         FF F            CC C
You give and you take and you leave, leave it alone.
    FF F        CC C      G                               F
What i want so badly for this to be a place you can call home,
    FF F        CC      C          FF            F                CC C
and I haven't felt this way since yesterday, but I don't remember when.
    FF F       CC C     G                          F
What I want so badly to be someone you can call a friend,

till we meet again.
               C                        F                    C
Endless Farewell. Hello, Hello, Hello again. Endless Farewell.

Добавлено: 23.02.2014
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