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Shakira - Ciega Sordomuda (Blind Deaf and Dumb) - текст песни, видео

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Shakira - Ciega Sordomuda (Blind Deaf and Dumb) - текст песни, видео

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he finishes the arguement with me, 
and the methodology, 
each time that he appears in front, 
of me your anatomy, 
because this love he doesn't get, 
from the hints, nor the reasons, 
he feed from textbooks, 
and missing his pants, 
this love he doesn't allow me, 
to be on foot, 
because even he has broken, 
my heels, 
although he raised ne i'll go back down, 
if you approach me nothing's useful, 
for the useless thing, 

brutal, blind, deaf and dumb 
clumsy, odd, stubborn, 
it's all what i've seen, 
i've converted just for you, 
one thing that he doesn't do, 
another thing more than i don't love you, 
i think of you day and night, 
and i don't know how to forget you, 

how many times have i tried, 
to burn you in my memory, 
and although i say no more, 
it's again the same story, 
because this love always knows how to, 
make me breath deep, 
he brings me to left, 
and fights with the world 

if he would exorcise from your voice, 
if he would excape me from your name, 
if he would tear from your heart, 


rings under the eyes, skinny, ugly, tousled, 
clumsy, foolish, slow, touchy, confused, 
completey out of control, 
give up your account, and you told me nothing, 
you see that i've returned, 
the head to the nest, 
where only you have a shelter, 
you don't listen to me what i said to you, 
look good what you're going to do with me 

Добавлено: 25.01.2014
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