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Roo Panes - Different Child - аккорды и текст, видео

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Roo Panes - Different Child - аккорды и текст, видео

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Different Child
Roo Panes
        D                     Hm                        G/Em            D
You're homeward bound for wisdom cos you've seen the webs you spun,
          D                  Hm            G                 Em
You're versed in vice and virtue but this time your vice has won,
               D              Hm                         G/Em           D 
But when hopelessness would tell you that your better days are done, 
        D               Hm
Have no fear you'll overcome. 
    D       Hm       D      Hm
D       Hm        D      G/Em
Oh-oho-oooh-oho-oooh-oho-ohhh :||

There are times when you might feel that there's nothing left to hold, 

That every time you lift your chin your faults have laid you low, 
But mercy's in the mightiest and mighty is the judge, 
D                       Hm
He will lift you up above. 

And you'll say – 
D                       G                      Hm                      
Now I am a heart with a head on my shoulders and I can say that I'm a 
different child.

D       Hm      G

D               Hm              D              Hm
Oh      oho     oooh    oho     oooh    oho     ohhh
D               Hm              D              G/Em
Oh      oho     oooh    oho     oooh    oho     ohh
Добавлено: 09.11.2013
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