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Rise Against - For Fiona - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Rise Against - For Fiona - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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For Fiona
Rise Against
Song originally done by Tony Sly/No Use For A Name. R.I.P Tony
Listen to the song for rhythms

means play the single note instead of a chord
Intro: B, Ebm, Abm, F#, E, F#

                E                                   F#
I can't even think of words to match the way I'm feeling.
              Abm                               B
I don't even think a book could say enough for you.
E                          F#
I can only try my best, to put in it a song I guess,
E                                         F#
You try to speak, I know you'll tell the truth. 

                 E                              F#
And if I could freeze a small amount of time together, 
              Abm                                 B
Then we could make believe this world will never end.
   E                         F# 
Unfortunately truth is cold. You stay young, while I get old.
     E                            F#
Just always know, I'm your best friend, 

And nothing is the same
Everything is a better change
                Abm     F#       E
Sometimes I see silence in your eyes. 
So let it all crash down
When it ends it begins with you
                 Abm   F#      E    F#
I'm gonna learn every time you do.
            E                         F#
And I'm as scared as anybody who has done this
        Abm                           B
But I wouldn't give it up for nothin' Fi, 
You took my life and turned it around, 
You put my feet back on the ground
   E              F#
I owe you, eternally


Outro plucked notes
B' B' F#' x2 
Bb' B' F#' x2
Ab' B' F#' x2 
F# (chord) 
 play outro twice

Добавлено: 22.07.2015
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