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Pulp - Little Girl - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Pulp - Little Girl - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Little Girl



(A Bm C#m Bm) x2

[Verse 1]

...Bm               A                   Bm
      You're just a   little girl with blue eyes

C#m        Bm           A       Bm         C#m    Bm
Everybody looks at you    (well it's your day)

            A                Bm
And you're stepping from the black car

      C#m               Bm       A
That you'll be getting back into

     Bm       C#m    Bm    A
(and on your way)


A                                        C#m          D
   Little girl with Blue Eyes there's a hole in your heart

And one between your legs

A                                        C#m          D
   You've never had to wonder which one he's going to fill

In spite of what he said

A             G#  G  F# F           A
   You'll ne-ver get a-way hey hey hey

            G# G  F#  F               E
You'll give it up one day, come what may.

[Verse 2]
Dad's not got a shotgun
But his look's enough to murder you
(see what you've done)
And forget about the paintings
'Cause you'd better get the washing done
(somethings wrong)


(A   C#m  Bm) x2
(A   C#m  Bm  C#m Bm) x3  (It think!)

Face down on the pavement
Chalk lines round your little hands
(hit and run)
And now a mother sits in silence
In a darkness she can't understand
(where you've gone)


[end on] A

(those ^M 's shouldn't be there, it's just my computer's dodgy!)
Добавлено: 14.04.2012
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