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Plain White Ts - Shouldve Gone To Bed - аккорды и текст, видео

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Plain White Ts - Shouldve Gone To Bed - аккорды и текст, видео

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Shouldve Gone To Bed
Plain White Ts
Therer are two guitars: one with a capo and one without. I only tabbed the capo'd 
version. It's correct too, cause I've seen them play it live.

or play E B A B C#m (without capo as the lead singer does)

Capo 3 fret

C                  G
I only miss you at midnight
F                    G
But when that lonely clock strikes
Am              G            F   G
That's when I wish you were here
C                        G
The angel knows it's not right
     F                     G
But the devil is in my heart tonight
Am         G            F  G
Whispering things in my ear

       C   G  F   G        Am
So I down my cup and then I hit you up
G          F   G
Saying stupid stuff, oh!


C           G            F
I should've just gone to bed
              G            Am
I should've never called you
            G             F
I should've listened to my head
When it said, leave it alone

C      G                   F             G
No, a few drinks and here I go missing you again!
Am         G          F
God only knows what I said
              G            C
I should have just gone to bed
    G    F        G       Am    G  F
Yeah,   yeah, yeah,   yeah
            G             C
I should've just gone to bed!

C             G
All day long I'm over you
F              G
Never really think of you
Am         G          F   G
I keep you out of my head
     C               G
But some nights when I'm striking out
F                 G
You're all I can think about
Am        G          F
Just gotta have you again
Добавлено: 24.08.2013
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