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Pearl Jam - Severed Hand - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Pearl Jam - Severed Hand - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Severed Hand
Pearl Jam
 Hi, my name is Ferran. This is the first tab i send here, so please please please don't be cruel ^_^

 This is a song frome the new Pearl Jam album. The album rocks and this song is 
very funky drums and lots of wah guitars. And is very cool to sing too ( Eddie Vedder is 
here) Hope you like it, and buy the album!

SEVERED HAND guitar Chords

    Intro ( After some distortion, the guitar chords starts here)
G||----7---7---3---5--------------------------------------------| x 3 times

The last time you play the last Chord 4 times and start the main riff


    Main Riff  Play during Verses
         A    A   C   G
G||------2----2----------------------------------------------| x 4 times
D||------2----2---2------------------------------------------| before and
A||---------------3---2--------------------------------------| during verses

         D   D   C   F     A A 
G     A A C G
B||------3---3---1---1-----2-2-1-------2-2-1---------------------|  X 2 times

    Chorus (sorta Chorus XD)    The fourth time play only a C chord
         D   A   C   G                  C
B||------3---2---1---------------------1-------------------| X 3 times

You repeat this 3-part MAIN structure 2 times

     After the second repetition of the main structure there is a break. After finishing 
Chorus part with a C chord the fourth time, you add an Em chord to put together the 
with the break

        Am   C   G   Em
B||-----1----1------------------------------------------------|  x 4 times

    Then you play the main riff ( A A C G) til the end, playing a cool wah solo over them :)

 Lyrics and structure


2.-Main riff 4 times (A A C G)
3.-Main riff 4 times During verses (A A C G)

   Big man stands behind an open door        ( A A C G) X4 times
   Said, leave your lady on the cement floor ( A A C G) x4


   got some kicks, want to take a ride? ( D D C F)
   I said, yeah!                        ( A A C G) X2
   take your pick, leave yourself behind( D D C F)
   I said, yeah!                        ( A A C G) X2


   I've no fear but for falling down              ( D A C G)
   So look out below I am falling now             ( D A C G)
   Oh please understand I just need, my friend,   ( D A G C)
   a way a way a way home                         ( C )

Here starts the structure again

   Tried to walk, found a severed hand
   Recognized for the wedding band

   Said it's ok, do you want some more?
   I said, yeah!
   Said You'll see dragons after 3 or 4
   I said, yeah!

   Under stand I'm not falling down
   I said, look around, the rooms taller now,
   I can't close my eyes, cause I see the sound in waves
   In waves, lets me stay calm, Only if I... ( Here add an Em chord)

6.- Break

   Don't lose control                ( Am C )
   Explore and not explode           ( G Em )
   A preternatural other plane       ( Am C )
   With the power to maintain        ( G Em )

   Like a tear in all we know        ( Am C )
   Once dissolved we are free to grow( G Em )
   What is human, what is more?      ( C Em )
   I'll answer this when I get home  ( C Em )

7.- Main riff til' the end ( A A C G)

Enjoy, and please correct it if it's wrong and improve if you like :D

Hope it's ok :D
Добавлено: 27.03.2012
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