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Mitski - Last Words Of A Shooting Star - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mitski - Last Words Of A Shooting Star - аккорды и текст, видео

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Last Words Of A Shooting Star
I was lucky enough to discover Mitski when at a show for Hundred Waters. I found this song on her Bandcamp and
really like it, so I decided to transcribe it. I'm pretty sure most of the voicings that I provide are accurate,
though I didn't take too long to make sure.

I'm pretty sure she plays this in open D, but I never feel like tuning to that so I play it in drop D. The 
picking pattern is very simple and can easily be lifted off of the record.

D                F# (and all of the others         B5
                     moved to the right root)              

e[---2-----      e[---x---                         e[---x---
b[---3-----      b[---x---                         b[---x---
g[---2-----      g[---3---                         g[---9---
d[---0-----      d[---4---                         d[---7---
a[---0-----      a[---4---                         a[---7---
E[---0-----      E[---4---                         E[---7---

Intro: D x8

(same picking pattern in the intro and verse)


D                      F#
All of this turbulence wasn't forecasted

G                  A
Apologies from the intercom

D                          F#
And I am relieved that I'd left my room tidy

They'll think of me kindly

A                     D
When they come for my things


G                          F#                         E
They'll never know how I'd stared at the dark in that room

With no thoughts

Like a blood-sniffing shark

G                        B5
And while my dreams made music in the night


A              D
I was going to live


D x6

D                          F#
You wouldn't leave till we loved in the morning
G                             A      
You'd learned from movies how love ought to be

D                             F#
And you'd say you love me and look in my eyes

But I know through mine you were

A          D
Looking in yours

G                          F#                        
And did you know the liberty bell is a replica

E                      F
Silently housed in its original walls

G                           B5
And while its dreams played music in the night


A              D
It was told to believe

D x8

D                  F#
I always wanted to die clean and pretty

      G                D       A
But I'd be too busy on working days

D                           F#                  G
So I am relieved that the turbulence wasn't forecasted

                       A      D
I couldn't have changed anyways

G                      F#
I am relieved that I'd left my room tidy

E         D#     D
Добавлено: 23.12.2015
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