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Misc Unsigned Bands - Simon Ostebo - My Love Should Have Shown - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Simon Ostebo - My Love Should Have Shown - аккорды и текст

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Simon Ostebo - My Love Should Have Shown
Misc Unsigned Bands
This sounds best with a Capo on 2nd fret, but you choose :)
Use a metronome at 70/72 and you're there.

Im lost in your eyes, trying to look cool
now im tired of waiting, staring at you
well it seems like youve gone, out of my sight
I was going to tell you, I promised tonight

Maybe your to good, or maybe too pretty
it feels like i've lost you, off course I'm to shitty
I focused to much on the things that you liked
Forgot to be nice, oh it must been a sight

Trying to tell you, just what i felt
forgot to show feelings, it didnt really helped
            C                          G
now im just stuck with my head here alone
F                              C
thinking of that time when my love should have shown

C Am F G

I'm just to lazy, I'm just to lack
I'm afraid to ask you, just watching your back
Finding excuses for running away
My love for you is crazy, I'll kiss you one day

I got to be strong, I believe it in me
Walking up closely, oh my god she is so pretty
Touching here shoulder, and she is turning around
Looking at my face, we're not making a sound


Trying to tell you...

I said that i loved you, said that i care
Said I was sorry, it wasnt quite fair
I grabbed your chins, taking you closer
Kissing you gently while holding your shoulder


Trying yo show you, just what I felt
Trying to show feelings, seems like it helped
Im kissing you here all alone
thinking of the time when my love should have shown
Добавлено: 14.08.2013
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