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Misc Unsigned Bands - Sean Haynes - Dont Let Go - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Sean Haynes - Dont Let Go - аккорды и текст

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Sean Haynes - Dont Let Go
Misc Unsigned Bands
- Don't Let Go -
by Sean Haynes

Verse 1
G                           Csus
maybe this time will be different
Csus                        G
maybe this time things will change
G                  Csus 
maybe i have lost all hope
Csus                                               G
maybe i have gone insane sometimes life seems to hard 
G                     Csus
and i dont know what to do 
Csus                 G
muddling through my life
G                          Csus
thats more than i can hope to do

A                 C
if your a woman, and i'm a man 
G                 C
and we deal with it the best we can 

Verse 2 
G                          Csus
do you know what i'm goin through 
Csus                     G
when i'm with or without you 
G                  Csus
and by askin me to leave 
Csus                        G
might as well ask me not to breath 
G                        Csus
everyday i hope everyday i pray 
Csus                 G
you'll turn to me and say 
G                    Csus
that you dont want me to go 
Csus             G
that you need me so.....

Bridge 2
A                           C
but if your a woman and I'm a man 
G             C                   G  Csus G
we can work it out we can make a plan..

Verse 3
G                       Csus
guess my time to go has come 
Csus                    G
guess my time to leave is near 
G                       Csus
but i wont shed a heartache 
Csus               G
no i wont live in fear 
G                             Csus
and "without you you i'll be fine"
Csus                 G
i tell myself time to time 
G                               Csus
i need you more than you'll ever know 
Csus              G
please dont let me go 

Bridge 3 
A                    C            G
cause your my woman, and im your man 
                   C                     G  Csus G 
and i'm not quite ready, don't you understand
no i'm not ready...
Добавлено: 04.01.2014
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