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Misc Unsigned Bands - Rocky And The Goldstein - A Dream - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Rocky And The Goldstein - A Dream - аккорды и текст

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Rocky And The Goldstein - A Dream
Misc Unsigned Bands

Cm Eb Bb Cm
Fm Cm G7 Cm

          Cm         Eb
I'm gonna build me a house 
          Bb         Cm
I'm gonna build me a home
      Fm          Cm           G7      Cm
Gonna build me  a family I can call my own 

            Cm              Eb
And all the sweat from your brow 
        Bb             Cm
And the seeds you have sewn 
      Fm           Cm             G7         Cm
We'll reap them in joy  But don't leave them alone    


          Fm               Cm
I'm gonna work through the night
      Fm               Cm
Gonna work through the day 
      Fm            Cm         G7          Cm
Say a man who don't work  Is a man with no say

            Fm           Cm
Well I have everything I need 
    Fm         Cm
And all that I own 
   Fm            Cm        G7        Cm
Is here for some time as a G-d given loan 


Well the foundation is set and the windows are in
         Cm                        Bb  Cm
Are they just to look out or can I see within? 

Yes I thought to rely on the visions that I've seen
     Cm                       Bb             Cm
If I don't have a goal then a dream's still a dream 

           Fm            Cm
Well you're in or you're out 
    Fm           Cm
You speak or you shout
    Fm          Cm
You listen real hard 
       G7           Cm
Or you don't hear a word 

           Fm            Cm
Well you're born just to die 
       Fm         Cm
Or you grow to be wise 
        Fm            Cm
You can choose how to live 
   G7       Cm
Or learn to survive 


Fm, Cm, G7, Cm (4x)

             Cm         Eb
And when the home is all built 
           Bb          Cm
And you're now on your way 
     Fm           Cm              G7          Cm
Just remember each brick from the mountain it came  

    Cm                 Eb
And remember where you come 
       Bb             Cm
And to where you will go 
          Fm            Cm               G7           C-G7-Cm
If you're humble you'll learn, If you're blind you'll fold 

         Fm      Cm
And when turning around 
       Fm      Cm
At the edge of town 
          Fm   Cm      G7       Cm
Where the only road is pointing away 

            Fm             Cm
Well if you look there's a sign 
        Fm          Cm
That'll help you to find 
    Fm           Cm    G7             Cm-G7-Cm
The direction to go or where you must stay 


Добавлено: 04.10.2015
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