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Misc Unsigned Bands - Perry Leopold - Absurd Paranoid - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Perry Leopold - Absurd Paranoid - аккорды и текст

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Perry Leopold - Absurd Paranoid
Misc Unsigned Bands
I advise you all to listen to the song in parallel so you can best get the timing. 
Please leave corrections in the comments and I shall update the document. Feel free to rate.

D Em F#m
    Em             F#m Em
You never see your face
    D               Em           F#m           Em-    D
You never know just how you look, outside your world
          Em             F#m   Em
You can't comprehend the space
     D                Em             F#m Em-
That fills the void inside your mind
                      D  Em F#m Em-
Untill the time wears out
F#m                           Em
Never in a lifetime we/you'll know
Your self
D    Em                  F#m   Em
Everything in your world turns
  D             Em          F#m Em-
Arround your egocentric soul
D         Em             F#m  Em
Then your mind begins to burn
     D                Em          F#m  Em
With questions of the world today
                    D   Em  F#m  Em
Things you'll never know
F#m                    Em
Never in a lifetime we know
Your friends


G    F             D
disregard the holy sign
G         F              D
or else believe the holy light



D Em [repeat at your own pace, listen to the song for timing and pace]
enter through the portholes of antiquity
into the universal consciousness of mankind
glide within the opec substance of your mind
come in and look arround
see the men who have come in every age of fear
Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed
men who have caused revolutionary changes in society
the reprecusions of which are still felt today
like the ripples of watter made by a falling peble into the stream of life
come in and meet yourself
look at the walls of the universe and travel onto histry
in which every instant of time is firmly planted
some grow, some die, some reccur, and some are unique
but all is one, even in the dual reality
life is death, and death life
each defines the other, and creates the paranoia in which man exists
D Em-
until the night, when

D       Em             F#m Em
in this time consuming world
     D                    Em                 F#m Em-
blew through your mind at frightening speeds
D                 Em        F#m Em
catch one when it starts to curl,
  D                  Em            F#m Em
inspect through your looking glass
                 D       Em F#m Em-
and you caught a thought.
F#m                       Em-                 D
never in a lifetime we've knowned, the reason why
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