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Misc Unsigned Bands - Night Patrol - Nothing To Regret - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Night Patrol - Nothing To Regret - аккорды и текст, видео

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Night Patrol - Nothing To Regret
Misc Unsigned Bands

A F#m x3
A C#9+

-Verse 1-

F#m     C#m    Bm       D
    Sit tight, only for tonight

               F#m          C#m          D      E
    Things are getting more complicated, right?

F#m      C#m          Bm                  D
    Just sleep on the rooftop, don't look at the stars

        A                 C#m             D      E
    And when the sun will rise, open your cards

-Verse 2-

F#m        C#m        Bm                D
    You're good? your face has lost its color

           F#m                 C#m      D        E
    Take a deep breath, try to focus on tomorrow
F#m            C#m            Bm            D
    You always have to choose which bird to keep alive
        A            C#m                             D      E
    And when another dies, you can't just loose your mind


D            E           F#m
    Hold the trigger and close your eyes
D            E                     F#m
    You must forget your feelings, leave them behind
D              E               A
    And when I find it hard to shoot
                C#               D           Dm
    I make sure there is nothing in my head

    Nothing to regret


A F#m
A C#9+

-Verse 3-

F#m    C#m     Bm                 D
    Alright, I think you're doing fine

              F#m           C#m          D      E
    This situation looks so normal after time

F#m          C#m               Bm              D
    The only problem with this job, is not the night patrol

         A              C#m                 D             E
    Your eyes are shining but the scars are in your soul


-Outro- just like the intro
Добавлено: 23.03.2016
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