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Misc Unsigned Bands - Kyle Guffey - Lose With Me - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Kyle Guffey - Lose With Me - аккорды и текст

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Kyle Guffey - Lose With Me
Misc Unsigned Bands
Capo 6

Am Am7 F7 C Dm G C C

        Am                Am7    F7                C
It's a lie to say that I have won in every game
              Dm    G                   C        C
And you never let me forget,
                     Am              Am7                 F7                C
But I've been happy these days, I've been dancing with every mistake
                Dm         G         C           C
Thanks to you

           Dm                  G
Take a seat, stay with me
             C                        Am        
Cuz the minute that you leave oh I'll be
Dm                G                Am         Am
Waiting on the sun to rise.
               Dm            G
You can't win all the time
             C                      Am                Dm           
Just the minutes on my mind so I am calling quits
G             C           C
I'm losing

Verse 2:

        Am         Am7    F7                            C
Well, you and I can't remember where we met,
           Dm                   G                                 C            C
But I'll hold your hand even if I never shook it.
             Am                                          Am7 
And I'm hoping you found what you're looking for, 
F7                             C                             Dm          G       Am        Am7
I've never really been here before Ooohoooo.

F7                                                          Am           Am7      F7
    Stop my breath and make me stronger.
                                                               Am           Am7
Can I make you smile so you'll live longer?


Am   Am7       F7      C    Dm     G   Am
                Dm    G          F7
You can't win if I'm losing
                       Am    Am7   F7    C    Dm    G     C
So lose with me
Добавлено: 17.08.2013
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