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Misc Unsigned Bands - Chloe Wang - Uh Oh - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Chloe Wang - Uh Oh - аккорды и текст

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Chloe Wang - Uh Oh
Misc Unsigned Bands
Artist: Chloe Wang (Also known as Chloe Bennet)
Song: Uh Oh

I usually play this song with one strum on each chord because I find it the closest to the actual song
which is pop so it matches better to me. 

No Capo needed for this song. it's pretty simple and only uses three chords. please rate and enjoy!:)

Dm  C  Bb

Dm  C  Bb
uh oh
Bb  C  Bb
uh oh
Dm  C  Bb
Bb  C  Dm
uh oh
Dm  C  Bb
uh oh
Bb  C  Dm

verse 1:
Dm      C     Bb
I can't concentrate
  Bb             C            Dm
while you're messing with my brain
   C             Bb
I can't think straight
         C       Dm
make me want to misbehave
    C                  Bb
I don't know what I'm doing
 Bb       C                Dm
but I know where this is going
    C      Bb
uh oh   uh oh

Bb  C  Dm


 C  Dm
uh oh
Dm      C       Bb
I can hear my heart go
        C      Dm             
racing out of control
it's so crazy
 Bb             C    C   Dm
boy you really got me uh oh
         C                Bb
I don't think that you know 
               C           Dm
when you're standing this close 
I get dizzy
Bb               C
falling for you baby
C   Dm
uh oh

verse 2:
 Dm         C       Bb
stop you're killing me
Bb        C                Dm
when you look at me like that
   C           Bb
I just can't breathe
Bb         Bb    C    Dm
I start acting all crazy
       C               Bb
you're so hot, it's stupid
     C            Dm
and I'm about to lose it
    C        Bb
uh oh    uh oh

Bb  C  Dm



Bb               C
I'm acting so irrational
C  Dm
uh oh
d-d-don't don't go
   C               Dm   C  Dm
stumbling on every word I say
Dm                  C   
you make me feel delirious
uh oh
can't be serious
n-no oh
            Dm       C      Bb
no i can't keep a straight face

uuh ooh

chorus two times til the end

Добавлено: 03.09.2015
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