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Misc Unsigned Bands - Anthony Savino - The Longest Line - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Anthony Savino - The Longest Line - аккорды и текст

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Anthony Savino - The Longest Line
Misc Unsigned Bands
Capo 2

Chord help:
Am7/G : 302010
Dm9   : 200210

Intro : Am   F   G Em   Am         x2

Broken bricks and brittle leaves 
beneath my feet: "I'll never leave," 
  G                Em
I used to say, now days are gray, 
I am compelled to move on. 

Starry-eyed and wonder-weary, 
I'd fear the coming years before 
     G                 Em
they all were crawling, falling into 
Am        Am7/G      Dm9
space and time before me. 

        F         G        C
Now the frost has come and gone 
        F        G        Am
but the night is long and drawn 
          Am7/G       Dm9                 F
out, I'll thaw out my heart within a song
       E                            Am  G  C    Am    F    G
We are hardly the ones to break the bars. 

Minutes tick and windows moan 
at home where those who keep doors closed 
   G            Em
to visitors are fitting words 
in boxes to be publicized. 

Hollowed out and broken down by 
how we sound and now we drown on a 
G                 Em
too-glossed page. Walk away from 
Am                  Am7/G             Dm9
strangers, they are dangers yet to be named. 

          F            G        C
Bleed the cable at the signal's scream. 
       F       G        Am              Am7/G
We are all pulling away. I thought I was sharing a 
Dm9                         F
dream with someone down the street, but we all 
E                         Am  G  C    Am    F    G
seem to be in need of the same thing: 

some semblance of identity, 
F                     G
something parallel to gravity 
     C                       Am
on a sphere. We are here for now, some looking 
F             G
out above the clouds, 

C                                   Am
but most of us are shedding our old skin in frozen time, 
F                       G                       C
recorded history, we're somewhere in the longest line. 
Am                     F       
The longest of longest lines
G             Am
The longest line
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