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Misc Unsigned Bands - Anthony Savino - The Lens - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Anthony Savino - The Lens - аккорды и текст

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Anthony Savino - The Lens
Misc Unsigned Bands
    G                                    C                 G
You taught me to distrust them with that cold look in your eyes
    G                              D7
You told me not to love them but I knew that wasn't right
         Em       G
You were wronged, wronged
    C            G                    D7                  Em
How could I have ignored the way they mistreated you back then
   C             G                    D                                Em  Dsus  G
to find you here trying to clear your head of all these misconceptions

G                                 C               G
She wants to be alone for now, at least until she finds
  G                               D7
a better way to take the days one minute at a time
          Em    G
Now she's gone, gone
         C                  G                        D7          Em
from the stealing eyes that run these streets, she's back in her hometown
  C           G                   D7                               Em  Dsus  G
I figured I'd returned to mine by now, but I know i'll come around

G                                     C              G
They don't seem to notice things that I can't hold inside
G                               D                D7
but it makes the days okay when we can drink and smile
            Em    G    C
It's been a long, long road
                 G                 D7                 Em
down which we've stumbled and I've used more crutches than
C                  G      D7                                     Em  Dsus  G  G7
times I've been an honest friend, and to them I'll be forever in debt

C     G      B7M  
Where have I been
    C             D7             Em
And should I even try to go back home
C G        B7M  
I feel the wind
                        C    Cadd9
pushing me pulling me around
rattling my bones

G                              C              G
Now my nightmares outweigh any bouts of confidence
G                                  D7
I try not to doubt the thought of looking through the lens
   Em    G
of song, song
   C                G                       D7             Em
to find out why the days and nights have us in this tug of war
    C                          G        D7
and what the hell are we still fighting for
   Em          Dsus   G
with fingertips grown sore
     C                 G                   D7
from fighting blind to stop the wheels of time
Dsus                   D7          Em  Dsus G  Cadd9  G
from running this poor boy out of line

G                                       C                  G
Were they right, should I have tried to keep face in their game
    G                                   D7
Our parents taught that we all ought to respond well to shame
           Em    Dsus    G
but we're strong, we are strong
   C                  G                D7              Em
in knowing there's no one to blame but us and we can't love
   C                   G              D7
if we throw each other underneath the bus
        C               G                                 Em
for the blunders of our mothers and the blood-run laws of vengeful fathers
     C           G                D7
this pedigree of lies has blinded you and me alike
                                          Em  Dsus  G
well here's to hoping time will shed some light
     C  G  G  G  Cadd9  Em  Dsus  G
Добавлено: 28.08.2015
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