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Misc Unsigned Bands - Allona - Someones Always Saying Goodbye - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Allona - Someones Always Saying Goodbye - аккорды и текст

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Allona - Someones Always Saying Goodbye
Misc Unsigned Bands
Intro: A-, E/G#, F#m7-, E/G#,
       A-, E/G#, F#m7-, E7sus4,

  Why do people fall in love and then end up
Dm7                   F#m7(9)          F#m7
  Why do lovers walk away     from themselves
  When their hearts are breaking
D (9 fr.)                        E7sus4       E7
  Why does lovin' sometimes never stay long
D (9 fr.)                         E7sus4            E7
  Why does kissing this time mean  you'll be gone
Dm7                 Bm7
  Why does gladness     become sadness
Dm7           Bm7        E-E break
  Things that I   don't get.

A                  E/G#,      F#m
  Someone's always sayin' goodbye
               F#m7          Dm7
  I believe it hurts when we cry
           A/C#           Bm7      E7sus4
  Don't we know parting's never so easy
A                  E/G#,     F#m
  And with all the achings inside
                  C#m7          Dm7
  I believe some hearts will survive
         A/C#       Bm7             E7sus4    (Intro)
  Tryin' hard to pretend that we're gonna be fine.

  I could never really love someone
     else but you
   F#m7(9)     E7sus4      A
  (No      one else  but you)
                      F#m7(9)  F#m7
  I have never wanted anything else
  But a love so true
D (9 fr.)                         E7sus4         E7
  But just like a dream that comes in the night
D (9 fr.)                      E7sus4        E7
  In the morning you were out   of my sight
Dm7                   Bm7
  Turned away from me,    sadly as I see
Dm7          Bm7      E-E break
  Away from where I stand.

Repeat Chorus except last word


Ad lib: A-, E/G#, F#m-F#m7-
        Dm7-A/C#-Bm7-F.F.F break
        Yeah yeah    oh...

Repeat Chorus to fade using: Bb-, F/A, Gm-Gm7-Ebm7-
                             Bb-, F/A, Gm-Dm7-Ebm7-
Добавлено: 10.02.2014
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