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Misc Television - Party Of Five - таба, видео

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Misc Television - Party Of Five - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
		   If you find that some of the text is floating off the screen or you are experiencing some strange irregular spacing, don't worry...  


Ok...  People make mistakes and I am in no way an exception.  Here's a more correct version of this transcription!  :D

             ["Party of Five" Theme (The intro to the show)]  
                    Closer To Free  -  The Bodeans


                 [Laboriously typed up by Mardi Gras(TNT)]
                         [Transcribed by TNT SHWE]

    Ok, what we have here is one seriously cool tune.  I don't have a recording of the song, but I think I've seen the show so many times that the key is correct!  Before you attempt to play this, turn your gain up a little and get a little distortion going!  What can I say?  This is one of my favourite intros for shows.  

Notes:  The song might be a little tricky for beginners as it involves some pretty quick chord transitions.  Other than that, the song is fairly easy, involving a lot of arppegios.  During the intro, let each note ring throughout the time the chord is held.

Recommended chord positions:

                      Bsus?   x24422
                      C#      x46664
                      F#      244322 
                      B       x24442

Intro (to the intro):

      Bsus                             C#             Bsus

E|        2               2                           2
B|           2                            6                2
G|                    4       4               6                 4
D|    4     
A|                                     4

                F#        B        C#              B
                Everybody ..

                F#        B        C#             B
                Everybody ..

                F#        B        C#  B         F#   B    C#
                Everybody ..

                B         F#    B    F#
                Closer ..

Well that just about wraps up the intro.  That wasn't too difficult was it?  Now onto the song played during the credits...

              "Party of Five" Theme (The outro to the show) 


                [Laboriously typed up by Mardi Gras(TNT)]

    Now onto the second segment of this exciting document...  The song played during the credits (at the end)!  Now this song is a little trickier to play than the first one at the beginning of the show.  It involves fast fingerwork, which should improve all your fretwork techniques.  

Notes:  I have not finished transcribing this song.  I have missed out the mid secftion where the piano comes in as it gets too confusing.  I will post it in the  (Online Guitar Archive) at Harmony Central when I figure it out, when I have time!  Oh yeah, play the chords very openly, letting the notes ring throughout.  G anyways...  Enjoy the song...

Recommended chord positions:

                      E    O221OO
                      B    x24442
                      A    xO222O
                      G#   466544
                      D#   x68886


     E                              B                 A              

E|   O   O   4  2   O O                                             |
B|                                                                  |
G|.                            2    4  4^6  4                      .|
D|.                       2/4                  7 6 7 (7)       2   .|
A|                                                        2/4       |
E|                                                                  | 


     E                              B                 A

E|   O   O   4  2   O O                                             |
B|                                                                  |
G|                             2    4  4^6  4                       |
D|                        2/4                  7 6 7 (7)       2    |
A|                                                        2/4       |
E|                                                                  |

     E                              E             G#       D#  E

E|   O   O   4  2   O O                                        O    |
B|                                  5   4                      O    |
G|                             2             4        6    8   1    |
D|                        2/4                       6      8   2    |
A|                                                4        6   2    |
E|                                                             O    |

    Well that's about all folks...  If you watch the show, please keep on watching it to keep the ratings SKY HIGH!  Peace and love to the cast and production team constantly at work in Culver City, especially to Jennifer Love Hewitt...  T.N.T.
    C-ya!  =)

                              \                /
                               \     TAKE     /
                                \    YOUR    /
                                 \   PICK   / .....  And get practicing!
                                  \        /
                                   \      /
                                    \    /         
                                     \  /
                        Copyright © 1997 MardiGras(TNT)

                 For the first time, you can now send me E-Mail. 
             Any corrections, connections, pals or gals are welcome                    

         "The secret of acting is honesty.  If you can fake that,
                           you've got it made"

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