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Mgmt - Love Always Remains - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mgmt - Love Always Remains - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Love Always Remains
Love Always Remains

Tabbed by Jordan

This may not be 100%, but it's closer than any other tab out there.


    G    C     Em   Bm     D    Am    F#/D


G           D               Em                Bm    F#
there's a place I'd like to go somewhere out west, 
G            D              Em               Bm     F#
it's not specific, and the pictures show it best. 
G               D                    Em                     Bm     F#
I know there's trees I know there's sand and I know there's grass, 
G              D              Em      Bm    F#
I know it's somewhere in the past.
There's a girl out there who's lookin for it too, 
she's not sure when she'll go or exactly what she'll do. 
If i am doomed am I the first on or the last? 
Am I just someone from the past? 

G             F#/D       Em             C                 G   
No one has to hear, the sound of people laughing at their fear, and the 
D          G             F#/D     Em              C                  G
ocean and sun are always there, to make you happy if you're feeling scared 
of the darkness. 

Verse 2 (same as the first)

If I ever saw a ghost it'd change the way I think. 
I wouldn't gasp for air if ever I did sink. 
I wouldn't struggle, I'd just let it all out fast, 
and then start living in the past. 

This play over the chorus, at the same time:

If we hold the hand that rapes the hand, 
and everyone can feel the hand, 
and nothing's gonna change, 
it could be the time we're living in, 
we'll never feel so safe again, 
but love always remains

Then this bridge:

               Em   D    C    Bm    Am     G
love always remains                       love always remains  
Добавлено: 29.09.2013
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