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Memphis May Fire - Miles Away - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Memphis May Fire - Miles Away - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Miles Away
Memphis May Fire
Miles Away (Ft. Kellin Quinn)
Memphis May Fire

Standard Tuning
Capo 2

If you don't have a capo or simply don't want to use one then transpose the 
chords 2 half steps up (1 full step). Note: There are certain parts in the 
song where no chords or root notes at all are being played. At these parts, I 
simply list the chord or chords that sticks out most or fits best. 

*The (B) in the bridge is a bass note and is optional.


Em               G             D
    I pack my bags & say goodbye to my wife
For what seems like the millionth time.
Em                    C/D              Em
    They said it gets easier, but they lied.
              G              D                       C
She looks at me & says "really baby, I will be just fine,"

But then she looks away so I don't have to see her cry. 
    Em      D      G     C/D
And that is when I ask myself;


Em       D               C
How am I   supposed to be  everything they expect me to
Em             D        C
Be when I feel so alone,  Cause I left my heart at home.
Em        D               C
    She needs me, but I know they need me too.
   Em               D            C                        Em
So God, give me the strength to do what you created me to do.


Em              G                  D
    Really I'm so thankful for the people I meet,
The places I've been & the things I've seen,
         Em                        C/D                     Em
But when she's not here it doesn't feel like I'm living my dream.
             G                 D
I know they say that no one is perfect, 
But I swear she's perfect for me
And that makes it so much harder to leave.



Em            D           G/C               Am   (B)
    If you miss me, I'm just a phone call away.
          Em         D           G/C   Am   (B)
Please be strong, be strong for me.  

Em                  D              G/C                 Am   (B)
    I need you to show me how to change the inside of me.
       Em               D         G/C       Am     D    
For my heart, for their sake, Be strong, be strong for me!

Em           G              D
    How am I   supposed to be everything they expect
      C              Em/C
Me to be when I feel so alone, so alone!

(Final Chorus)

Good luck! \m/
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