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Manafest - Where Are You - текст песни, видео

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Manafest - Where Are You - текст песни, видео

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I'm staring at your picture dad 

Pulling up the past 

Trying to learn about this father that I never had 

So young, so wrong, and ye gone 

It's only, me, mom Virginia & God 

Were all alone, and are leader is not home 

The crossroads took you or these demons below 

I'm feeling the cold, you were not here, not there 

When I had my first fight I was so scared 

When I had my first kiss I could not share 

I was lost and the school they did not care 

Why'd you leave me, hanging from the ceiling? 

Angels stopped singing and mom's not sleeping 

I'm not bitter or mad, I'm just missing a dad 

Sitting here thinking, praying wishing you back 

These feeling are wack, almost too much to bare 

I know your souls alive I just want to know where 

Are you 

Why did you leave me 

Where are you 

Were you thinking of me dad 

Are you 

Do you love me 

Where are you 

Than where are you if you do 

Well I'm all grown up now moved out a P-Town 

Married this girl, mom said you'd be so proud 

I even slimmed down I'm hanging with a new crowd 

If only you're around, you'd see what I can do now 

I travel the globe, singing bringing a hope 

Through hip hop rocking roll lifting the soul 

They say I look like you, your smile & eyes too 

I got moms hair thank God I was frightful 

I know you can't come back from the past 

But the fact that you left and the damage is bad 

I don't know if mom fears or if she ever got healed 

Or if she blames you and God over the years 

You were my dad, and I was your son 

If only you new what it was like growing up 

When I look at the sky I get this thought in my mind 

And wonder what it be like if your still alive 

I'm still trying figure out what when on in the house 

What voice was talking loud what made you kill yourself? 

Was it something I did, I said, as little kid? 

Something like a fib that you can't forgive? 

My life was so hard lost my only body guard 

Slowly God healed the scars let's say you left a mark 

I've had the same thoughts that talked to you, Talk to me, 

I had to see a shrink but now I'm back on my feet 

I battle thoughts with words, using psalms & verbs 

A new rebirth no longer Am I insecure 

I heard a voice say I'll never leave ye 

But I didn't see ye I've forgotten you like amnesia 

I believe I'll see you some where in heaven 

Where we can talk and I can ask you a question 

But for now, I'm a move on be strong 

And make sure I'm there for my own son
Добавлено: 22.06.2012
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