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Lupe Fiasco - Can You Let Me Know - текст песни, видео

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Lupe Fiasco - Can You Let Me Know - текст песни, видео

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Ho, Verbal

Fnf U.P.

Yea We Do What We Do

Chicago Mann

Can You Let Me Know?

Baby Can We Get Up Together?

I Like This, I'll Treat You Better

Don't Waste No More Time, Baby

Maybe We Can Go

Baby I'm Down To Do Wahtever

I Dont Really Care It Doesnt Matter

Lets Not Waste No Time

Maybe, Lets Go

Love, You Gotta Love It

Hold Hands In Public

I Does It, Cool

I Dug It

Everything U Do

And Everything U Does It

Everything U Done

Hope Im The One You Does It To

Hope This Shit Goes Wrong

And Im Cutting Two

So I Can Feel It Twice As Much As 2 Lu's

2 Lu's Is Sumtin Dat I Dun Ever Wanna Do

Im Too Loose To Check On This Shrek Like Choo

Choose, To Choose Id Rather Have You

Even If Its Ham And Ill Hold For The Hoe

If I Have To

But I Dont Wanna Won

Thats Too Close To None, Come

But Get Rid Of The Gun

Thats Covered In Clues

The One That U Used To Kill Off The Player Inside

And I Brought Flowers From The The Funeral For Ya

U Should Come And Make Moves For A Brother Like Uh

Yea I Go By The Name Of Verbal

Yea Lets Go, Yo

It All Happened In A Second

My Universe Froze

Aint A Situation That I Chose

But It Chose Me

When I Caught A Glimpse

Of A Beautiful Just Posin

I Kno That All The Rappers Be Talkin About Clothes And Hoes

But She Aint That Type, Ya See

Anyway Im Still Froze Like Chronogenic Form

I Need To Get Warm

Shes My Cue, I Gotta Transform

So I Cud Come With W/E She Wants

Shes Already Flossed And Glossed Charmed Like The 4 Seas

Cant Imagine What Her Closet Will Cost Me

Yea, My Brain Spin With Velocity

Thinkin Of Ways To Get Up

Wishin But I Cant That I Cud Be The Man

So I Just Stand, Wishin I Cud Ask Her

Yea, Uh Uh

Yea At Times Like This

I Dunno What To Do But To Rhyme Like This

She Prolly Dont Even Kno That I Exist

Cant Figure Why I Cant Take Risks


At Times Like This

Im Wishin I Cud Be A Lil Stronger Than This

Too Many Worries And Prerequisites

Just To Greet Ya, Just To Meet Ya

So Far, Still So Far Apart

All I Want Is Just To Talk Uh, Uh Uh

Swear To God, Uh

So Far, Still So Far Apart

All I Want Is Just To Talk Uh, Uh Uh

Swear To God, Uh

Chicago Mannnn
Добавлено: 17.07.2012
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