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Ludacris - Say It To My Face - текст песни, видео

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Ludacris - Say It To My Face - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!

Hey, Before I eat an MC I say my grace
Leave you dead without a trace
Got a problem with me, Say it to my face (to my face)
To my face (to my face) To my face (to my face)
Put a pussy ass nigga all in his place
Didn't your bosses ever tell you niggas you could be replaced
To the fans yous a disgrace
Got a problem with me say it to my face(to my face)
To my face(to my face) to my face (to my face)
Put a pussy ass nigga all in his place

Verse 1 - Ludacris

Got a chopper, kinda like a helicopter
For any nigga that think ish sweet
And you better call the doctor, have you shakin' like a maraca
Drippin' like this beat
Blood spillin' like a faulty faucet
Plug his ass, before you end up in a hearse put the gear in reverse then you better hit the fucking... gas {tires screech}
You broke n' now you bitter
But how the hell is a nigga gonna start beef with me on his fucking twitter? (for real?)
You know where I be, you know where I stay I ain't that hard to find
All up on my D, when the DTP boy you sweeter than a valen... tine
How can you call yourself a man boy (man boy)
Yous ludacris number one fan boy (fan boy)
Then you left and you're gone "goodbye" lazy, I don't miss you
Then you signed to a nigga, who signed to a nigga, who signed to another nigga (what the fuck?)
Smart move, boy you dumb as hell
You should take your soul and have a end of the summer sale
But all your records are my theme song (why?)
'Cuz I'm still shopping off your ringtone


Verse 2 - Ludacris

Ah To you internet gangsters
Facebook hoes
Email bullies I can see your camel toe (HI! )
Instead of talking to a nigga straight up you'd rather send a text (text)
Well I think you a bitch and you should change your sex (sex)
Hiding behind your phone screen (phone screen)
Better run the other way you playin' for the wrong team (team, team)
Dick in the booty ass nigga (dick in the booty ass nigga)
Ol' take another dude to the movies ass nigga
I can see your Kit-Kat, gimme a break hit him in his face
How you keep it real when you know a nigga fake
Better hit the brakes when you see me nigga shake
You gon' run into convulsions, hater emotions and epileptic seizures
Put a nail in a nigga your career is over hang'em up like jesus
Amen (amen) sayonara (sayonara) ok then (ok then)
Next time you cryin' tell a bitch nigga
But keep in mind... yous a bitch nigga


Verse 3 - Meek Mill

Put a pussy ass nigga in his place with that toolie on my waste like "huh"
I put it to his face and ask the pussy nigga "how it taste like? huh?"
He said it taste like nine (nine)
Told him it's a Glock 10 though (10 though)
Niggas thinkin' this a game til' them shots hit his body bend his ass like limbo
Give my shooters yo' info
Send them right to yo place, put them right in yo face, nigga like "watchu say"
Catch you night time and then brighten your day
Shots at your head they don't like what you say
Coroner's comin' ta wipe you away
Think you a G, get hit right with the K
Wherever you standing, that's right where you lay (blah)
Y'all niggas run yall mouth just like a bunch of bitches
Pussy niggas talking just like a bunch of snitches
Lord be my witness, I ask for forgiveness
But if these pussy niggas keep runnin' they mouth I'mma give them the business
Heard you pussy ass niggas talkin' bout me when I'm not around
Told another nigga, so he told another nigga and it got around (got around)
So I told the other nigga, go tell the other nigga "move outta town" (outta town)
'Cuz my dawg playin' hardball with the sawn off like you out of bounds, BOOM! 

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