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Journey - When You Love A Woman - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Journey - When You Love A Woman - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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When You Love A Woman
Posted by Josh O'Neal

I could only find tab for this song but it was wrong. The actual song is tuned a half 
down but i know half of you are lazy like i am and dont feel like doing so i got another 
to do it...

CAPO 1st fret(optional but easier)

How to play the Chords with a Capo

   C#    Fm7   Bbm   Ab   F#
e  x      0     0    3    1
B  1      3     1    3    1
G  0      0     2    0    2
D  2      2     2    0    3
A  3      2     0    2    3
E  x      0     x    3    1

   C#                   Fm7            Bbm
 1. In my life i?ve seen where i?ve been
                           Ab           C#
    I said that i?d never fall again
    within myself i was wrong
                        F#     Ab
    my searchin' aint over...over

    I know that

          (When you love a woman)
           you see your world inside her eyes

           (When you love a woman)

           you know she's standing by your side
           (A joy that lasts forever)
           there?s a band of gold that shines

           waiting somewhere...oh yeah

    C#                         Fm7           Bbm
2.  If I cant believe that someone is true
                            Ab           C#
    to fall in love was so hard to do
    I hope and pray tonight
    Somewhere you?re thinking of me girl
    Yes I know, I know that


.......waiting somewhere..oh
                               F#    Ab
       Its enough to make you cry
                                F#    Ab
       when you see her walking by
                               F#     Ab   F#     Ab
       and you look into her eyes........oh whoa

Brief Violin Melody          (C#, Fm7, Bbm, Ab)
Guitar Solo  (C#, Fm7, Bbm, Ab)


...When you love a woman
   When you love, love, love
Bbm                       Ab
   When you love a woman
   You see your world inside her eyes

Hope you enjoy...when i figure out the rest i'll post...
Добавлено: 23.06.2012
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