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Journey - Walkin Away From The Edge - аккорды и текст, видео

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Journey - Walkin Away From The Edge - аккорды и текст, видео

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Walkin Away From The Edge
JOURNEY – Walkin' Away From The Edge
from the Red 13 (2002) EP

absolutely breathtaking, do enjoy...

Em VII, Esus2, C7M  , Em
C, Cadd9, Am, Dsus4

Verse 1:
Em VII          Esus2   
   Watchin' the sun come up
     C7M                  Em
Like I've never seen it before
C                       Cadd9
   I've been gone for a long time
        Am                  Dsus4
There's no place to hide anymore
Em VII              Esus2
   I feel the light on my face
C7M                    Em             
Touchin' me down to my soul
C                   Cadd9
   Waking up from a bad dream
Am                     Dsus4
Something I had to let go

Pre-chorus 1:
Em             C
   Can't blame anyone
    D                      Bm
For all of the damage I've done
Em          C
   I had to face myself
Before I'd fall down I found I could turn around

G                        D
   Walkin' away from the edge
While I can still live to tell
G                       D
   Coming back from the dead
                    F          C
On the road between heaven and hell
Em               D/F#
   Freedom comes day by day
         Am7                  C
Till the demons are out of my head
                      Em VII
Walkin' away from the edge...


Verse 2:
Em VII                Esus2
   You don't know how lost you are
     C7M                        Em
Till you're spinning out of control
C                            Cadd9
   Before you know it you've gone too far
         Am                      Dsus4
Left the rest of the world far below
Em VII              Esus2
   Friends are gone one by one
       C7M                    Em
I'd pretend I'm alright on my own
      C                 Cadd9
My disguise just starts wearin' thin
      Am                  Dsus4
Until all I've become is alone

Pre-chorus 2:
Em                  C
   I reached out to anyone
          D                        Bm
Who would tell me what I'd want to hear
Em                           C
   But I'm the one who could save myself
I couldn't look down, I turned around before it was too late


Em VII – x79987
Esus2  - x79977
C7M    - x32000
Em     - 022000
C      - x32010
Cadd9  - x32030
Am     - x02210
Dsus4  - xx0233
D      - xx0232
Bm     - x24432
G      - 320033
F      - 133211
D/F#   - 2x023x
Am7    - x02010
Добавлено: 21.04.2012
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