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Johnsmith - Appalachian Rain - аккорды и текст, видео

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Johnsmith - Appalachian Rain - аккорды и текст, видео

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Appalachian Rain
Appalachian Rain 
© 2000 Johnsmith, Blue Pine Music / Buddy Mondlock, Major Bob Music (ASCAP) 
Capo I

tune low E to D

Intro:  G / D / Asus4 / Bm /
        G / Asus4 / D / D /

  Bm       Asus4          D/Fis
1. Setting out on this journey

  G              D
I packed up my regrets

      Bm       Asus4      G
Now I sit here in this shelter

        Asus4              Bm
Seems I don't have many left

       G                D
So I'm writing you this letter

        Asus4          Bm
On this rainy April day

              G        D        Asus4 Bm
You said your heart needed some distance

G    Asus4      D
So I walked away


Asus4      D                D        G              D
I would gladly walk from Georgia, all the way to Maine

        G                        D/Fis
I would cross the creeks and the mountain peaks

Bm              Asus4
Whispering your name

       G                D/Fis
If you asked me I would do this

        G      D/Fis  Asus4
I would go and not complain

         G          D      Asus4      Bm
But this walk's for me, to find my peace

       G   Asus4      D
In the Appalachian rain

  Bm       Asus4         D/Fis
2. Looking out on the Blue Ridge

           G              D
I pulled a pebble from my shoe

           Bm     Asus4     G
I threw it down into the valley

     Asus4                   Bm
Then I sat and thought of you

           G               D
I wish somehow it was that easy

            Asus4            Bm
To just let go of all the pain

         G       D      Asus4 Bm
But it's not, so I keep walkin'

       G   Asus4      D
In the Appalachian Rain



          Asus4           Asus4
You could meet me at Katahdin

        Bm              Bm
On that clear September day
              G                   D/Fis
But if you're not there where the trail ends,

G              Asus4
I'll still be okay

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