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Helloween - Chameleon - 01 - First Time - текст песни, видео

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Helloween - Chameleon - 01 - First Time - текст песни, видео

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First time 

Will your first time... 
Will it be... I think of someone like me? 
Makes me wonder 
I can show you things you'd thought you'd never thought you'd see 
You're like sunshine 
I can feel your heat is drying out my brain 
Would you feel like... 
Like we're having fun if I can do the rain? 

Have you thought of your dreams... do you have some? 
Let's see if we can find some more 
Give me your fancies at random 
I think we can deal with 'em all 

I can't wait forever 
Baby open me your door 
I just want your loving 
If you cannot give me more 
I can see you standing there 
You know you're worth the try 
Let me guide you in my spaceship 
And I'll surely make you have a real good time 

Don't waste time now 
You are soakin' wet so fix the things you got 
Guess you know how 
And when you're done I gotta see you strut 
My desire 
Can I watch you rock and know which one to choose? 
I'm no liar 
I could take you down and you got nothing to lose 

I don't know any better occasion 
Can't hold back, it's the end of the day 
I don't think you're here for the first time 
No problem with me anyway 

I can't wait forever
Добавлено: 15.11.2013
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