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Hall & Oates - Private Eyes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hall & Oates - Private Eyes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Private Eyes
Hall & Oates
Title: Private Eyes
Artist: Daryl Hall & John Oates
Written by: Daryl Hall, Warren Pash, Sara Allen & Janna Allen

Transcribed by: Rich Challen

No offense to anyone out there, but the only tabs I could find for this song were 

75% of the chords were just dead wrong. So I decided to tab a version that you 
can play on one guitar.
Bear in mind that many of the “interesting” chords in this song arise from the piano and 
guitar playing slightly different things, so some shapes get a bit tricky. Feel free to 
out the passing tones (like Dm/A) or make substitutions (G for G/A).
But do NOT substitute for the F/G chord! That took me a while to find but it's the 
secret of the entire song.. and further proof of the underrated genius that is Hall & Oates.

No lead guitar transcribed (it's mainly simple lines and power chords), and for the 
part, use triads up the neck in a steady eighth note pattern. Happy playing!

Am     Em[ver2] Am   Em[ver2]

Dm7   G/A

Am     Em  Am      Em

Dm7    Bb

Verse 1
        Csus4  C                Csus4  C
I see you          and you see me
          Ab                            Bb
Watch you blowing the lines when you're making a scene
      Csus4  C                   Csus4  C
Oh girl          you've got to know
         Ab                  Bb
What my head overlooks, the senses will show
   C    Dm
To my   heart
           Am           Em
When it's watching for lies
Ab                  F/G
You can't escape my

G/A      Am
Private eyes
        Em         Am
They're watching you
Em            Dm7      F/G
They see your every move
G/A      Am
Private eyes
        Em         Am
They're watching you
Em          Dm7
Private eyes
They're watching you, watching you, watching you...

Intro to Verse 2:
Am6  Am / Am6  Am  G/B

Verse 2 & Chorus: same as above

Am (4x)
Ab (3x)

Dm                                    Dm/A
Ooh why you try to put up a front for me
Dm                             Dm/A
I'm a spy but on your side you see
Slip on into any disguise
Gm                   E                      Am (no chords)
I'll still know you, look into my private eyes

They're watching you, they see your every move
F/G         G/A    Am
Oh babe, private eyes
        Em         Am
They're watching you
Em        Dm7
Private eyes
They're watching you
Em        Am
Private eyes

Chorus chords continue to fadeout. Basically the same each time, but alternate between 
and Em each time you lead back into the chorus.

Am – x02210
Em - 022000
Em[ver2] – xx2000
Dm7 – xx0221
G/A – 5x5433
Bb – x13331
Csus4 – x3556x
C – x3555x
Ab – 466544
Bb – 688766
Dm – x57765
F/G – 3x3211
Am6 – x02211
G/B – x20030
G – 355433
Dm/A – x07765
Gm – 355333
E – 022100
Добавлено: 13.03.2012
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