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Gilbert Osullivan - I'm Not Getting Any Younger - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gilbert Osullivan - I'm Not Getting Any Younger - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Gilbert O’Sullivan

I'm Not Getting Any Younger
Gilbert Osullivan
Gilbert O'Sullivan - I'm Not Getting Any Younger 

Ebm7*(8 10 8888)
D* (3x0032)
Am* (002213)
E* (022030)

Intro: Am7 D7

      B7                                    Em*
Since I've known you we've always been together 
      B                                  G7
And in that time the love we shared -  we vowed would last forever 
      C                            Ebm7* 
Yet marriage is a subject you approve 
 D*                               E*
providing it has nothing whatsoever to do with you 
           Am                             Bm
And much as I respect that view - i have to state my case 
            C               Bm
Though I'm far from being over-the-hill 
      F                    C7 C7   D7
It occurs to me with each pas-sing day 

      Am         D       Bm   Em      Am           Cm         G   G7
That I'm not getting any younger - God knows it wasn't my idea 
        C7    B7                           Em7      Am*
The years that used to take  - An eternity to make 
     G                   Cm*                    F     C   C    G
Are now passing at what seems   -    like one a week. 

      B7                          Em*
If only we'd have met when I was your age 
      B                              G7
I wouldn't have this awful fear  - I get when I leave your place 
      C                            Ebm7*
You don't know how upsetting it can be 
   D*                                             E*
To hear you talk of future plans  - None of which seem to include me 
Blue jeans and high heel boots are great course
I still wear mine quite a bit 
          C                      Bm
But it's now more apparent than ever before 
     F                  C7 C7  D7
Despite keeping myself fair-ly  fit 

      Am         D       Bm   Em      
That I'm not getting any younger 
           Am                  Cm            G   G7
Even those grey hairs are now starting to appear 
               C7           B7
And there are lines under my eyes 
           Em7             Am*
That never used to be this size
     G                   Cm*              B        Em      
Even though it could be due         -  to lack of sleep 
            Am                D                       Bb  C  C  C  G
Something tells me that it's more to do with passing years. 

F  C  C  G

      B7                                    Em*
At times I think perhaps it would be better 
      B                                  G7
If rather than go on this way posted you a letter
      C                            Ebm7*
Explaining in great detail why I feel 
D*                                              E*
The way things are between us - Suits you much more than it suits me
            Am                              Bm
You have you whole life ahead of you - Well damn it I also have mine 
          C                      Bm
And unless I am by nature a freak  - 
        F                  C7   C7  D7
There's no mistaking those dead-ly signs

      Am         D       Bm   Em      Am           Cm         G   G7
And I'm not getting any younger  - Look closely now and you will see 
        C7    B7                         Em7        Am*
The rebel in his teens  - Who thought all adults were obscene 
     G                   Cm*               B        Em      
Is now somewhat disenchanted with the news 
            Am                D               C  D   E  F# 
That kids today have got no respect for his views 

      G#m         C#      Bbm  Ebm 
And I'm not getting any younger 
                  G#m              Bm                F#     F#7
Gone are those days when school reports were all I feared 
      B7      Bb7                             Ebm7           G#m
Now for the first time in my life I'm seeing something I don't like 
    F#                  Bm*              Bb      Ebm
And am powerless to prevent from happening 
          G#m                C#                    F   C   C   G
One day you'll find out for yourself just what I mean. 
Добавлено: 22.06.2016
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