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Frank Ocean - Rushes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Frank Ocean - Rushes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Frank Ocean
Rushes by Frank ocean
should be right, it gets a little difficult towards the end where he has a lot of voice tracks on top of each
 other, but if you have trouble, playing with the music will help out a lot. enjoy and if there are any 
problems, comment.
no capo

B                  E
Gonna be somebody, oh I follow
Running showers and the mist so fly
Enough time to know, nothing at all
   C#m          F#           C#m         F#
Oh I see the lines, there's two lines
B                   E
You'll live a life anew
                             B        E
Tell me what you need from me? Gas money?
                        C#m          F#
And I did what I needed to, to be kind
                                C#m         F#
You cut your teeth on sheets in Paris
                     F#  F  E
Hope the water's deep enough
  G#m                E         G#m
(Rushes to the head)
We've been here before
The first time is not the past time
         E                         B          E
I ain't felt this way in years
C#m                            F#
First time I was rushing for a wait
C#m                         F#    F# F E
This time I'm waiting for a rush
G#m                   E      G#m
Infatuation's your rush

B          E                            B
     Keep pushing on 'em, never let 'em stop
Whatever happens to be, what happens to me, 
        C#m                            F#                         C#m
upon his feet, Twin peaking, highs and lows, we shaded off, they know
                  F#                   F      E             
Bygones we wasted here, ride around in my two wheels
I love the way you make me feel
(What happens to me)
G#m                  B
Me, you and, you and me

(You, just you and me)
  E                       B
(I need some help on my feet)
  E                                C#m
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I be up to my feet
F#                     C#m
   I'll wake up in a week
F#                  C#m      E 
   Wake me up in a week

(one chord throughout)
It don't matter
It don't matter [?] pipe it down
Two is a crowd, quieting down
What's gone and what's here still, and what's here still
(What stayed, and what gone)
Friday, gone too late
It's going against your head
I'm getting used to it
Yeah you're going to get used to it
I love the way you make me feel
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