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Эдит Пиаф - Heaven Have A Mercy - текст песни, видео

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Эдит Пиаф - Heaven Have A Mercy - текст песни, видео

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No more smiles, no more tears 
No more prayers, no more fears 
Nothing left, why go on 
When your lover is gone 
Shout with one 
Ring the bells 
Throughout the towns 
And the farms 
Will the shouts and the bells 
Bring him back to my arms 

Must each man go to war 
Evermore, evermore 
While some lone woman stands 
Empty heart, empty hands 

When the time came to part 
And he kissed me goodbye 
From the depths of my heart 
Came a great lonely cry: 
Heaven have mercy! 
Heaven have mercy! 

Miners came 
They carved his name 
Upon a cross... 

I remember the dance 
Where we first fell in love 
How we whirled 'round and 'round 
While the stars danced above 
We would walk by the shore 
Watch the ships sail away 
Lovers need nothing more 
Just a new dream each day 
So we dreamed of a home 
With a garden so fine 
And a son with his eyes 
And a nose just like mine 

Now it's done, why be brave? 
Why should I live like this? 
Shall I wait by the grave 
For my lost lover's kiss? 
Stop the bell! Stop the bell!! 
I've no tears left to cry 
Must I stay here in hell? 
Lord above, let me die... 
Heaven have mercy! 
Heaven have mercy! 
Heaven have mercy!
Добавлено: 26.02.2014
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