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Death In June - Come Before Christ And Murder Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Death In June - Come Before Christ And Murder Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Come Before Christ And Murder Love
Death In June
Band: Death in June
Song: "Come Before Christ and Murder Love"
Chords by Alexey Pavlov ( 

Thanks to Youtube's user SnEm, who took interview from Douglas P. (watch?
v=MkCzhRBoo3M), and to Artyom Elyoskin (on this site: Artyom_Elyoskin), which 
helped me with recognizing some chords.

Chords: Dsus2, D7Msus2, Am7, G, F, C, Em


Drown me with your sorrow
Taint me with your treason
To find your god is hollow
Brings death to all reason

Wolf grey adonis
A cruel life dawns
Curse me with obessiveness
Fultility and scorn


Moved to speak?
You made your choice
We had our chance 
F                  G  Em
And lost our voice


Your alleyway, your terror
Glistens in dispair
Dead meat and error
The only crown I'll wear

From the ashes of liars
Grow the flowers of hope
From the steeples and spires
Hang each tear from a rope

Moved to speak?
You made your choice
We had our chance
And lost our voice

F, C, G x3
F, C, G, Em
Добавлено: 02.07.2013
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