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Darkseed - Speak Silence - текст песни, видео

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Darkseed - Speak Silence - текст песни, видео

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Lost, misguided minds, feverish dumb

I wonder how your life will end one day

Your soul is caught in a smiling web of sins

You bring the world to it's knees, again and again

Speak silence, the knife is mine

The knife is mine, your emptiness

Devouring life as stars are waning overhead

You celebrate with demons in your home

You put the world to an end, that's why I say:

Speak silence! You're just walking shades

Go away, back into your mental cage

Live silence! Keep your demons locked

in your mouth, and your head, go away

Speak silence!

There's no cure for your disease

Denn Du bist Mensch, and humans never learn

Live silence! I pierce my bloody knife

in your mouth, and your head, in your veins

Speak silence, the knife is mine

Speak silence, silence

Mine, mine, this knife is mine

You walk towards the end

Feel the coldness in your veins

Down, down, now you get down

Your body crumbles

This fiery pulse of sin now stops to beat

This knife is mine, the pain is your's

Your broken dreams complete

This knife is mine, hurting deep

Again and again I say:

The sun has set and I enjoy the void

Without you the silence is so sweet

All living beings are sinking down

The sky is vacant and I smile

Speak silence when I smile

Speak silence in my loneliness
Добавлено: 21.06.2012
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