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City And Colour - Lover Come Back - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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City And Colour - Lover Come Back - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы: Dallas Green

Lover Come Back
City And Colour
Artist: City and Colour
Song: Lover Come Back
Album: If I Should Go Before You (2015)

TUNING: Drop D with lowered high E (D A D G B D)
CAPO 3rd fret

NOTE: Chords relative to capo

EDIT: Dallas recently did a live acoustic version of this song which you can find below,
I've corrected some chords and the tuning of the song. You can use the video also as a guide for 
the embellishments he adds as well. Enjoy!

EDIT 2: The correct tuning for this song is DADGBD as shown above, most notable on the Dmin7/11 chord
when Dallas plays it acoustically. There are some embellishments there which are pretty simple to figure out.


     C     Dmin7/11  F7M/C      Am

INTRO/INTERLUDE - C | Dmin7/11 | F7M/C   | C

   C                Dmin7/11
   Bound for trouble from the start
F7M/C                                       C
   I've been walking through this old world in the dark
   C               Dmin7/11
   All along right by my side
F7M/C                         C
   There you were shining, my ray of light

           C                                   Dmin7/11
   I sing, lover come back, lover come back to me
             F7M/C                             C
   Won't you ever come back, ever come back to me
       C                                       Dmin7/11
   How could I have been so foolish to let you leave?
   F7M/C                               C
   Lover come back, lover come back to me


   C                            Dmin7/11
   I'll never be as good as I'd like to be
   F7M/C                             C
   Eternally restless, refusing to believe
   But I think that we missed our connection
   I wanted to feel your affection
F7M/C             C
   Until my final days


Am                F7M/C  
   I am warm enough, yet I still shiver
Dmin7/11               F7M/C  
   I am fed but still I starve
Am                     F7M/C  
   You know me, I am the great misgiver
Dmin7/11                           F7M/C  
   Always waiting on the clouds to part

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