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Burt Bacharach - The Look Of Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Burt Bacharach - The Look Of Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Look Of Love
Burt Bacharach
 I learned this from the austin powers video, compromising the tapes quality 
in the process, so i hope it helps some of you out.
           the look of love          burt bachrach

the  look  of love...
 F#7sus4     F#7
 in      your   eyes its a
look your eyes can't dis-
F#7sus4    F#7
-guise                   the
look of love.....
G7M    GmM7  Gm6
is saying so much more.....
D   D7M    D7
words could ever say
and what my heart.........
F#7sus4   F#7
takes  my breath away
Bm7   E     
(no lyric)
    D7M         G/A
I can hardly wait.........
    D7M            G/A
waited just to............and so on

the GMaj7/GmM7/Gm6 changes are all 3rd fret root, jazz chords omitting the 
5th(D) the remaining notes all fingered on the B,G,D strings like this 
GMaj7=B,G,D-GmM7=B,G,D -Gm6=B,G,D...the G/A "slash" chord is like a 
closed position G chord with an A bass available on the E string 5th fret or 
open A string.Learn it with the fretted bass so it becomes moveable(sometimes 
called an A11) the F#7sus4 and F#7 are common barre chords.Write me with 
changes or comments and most of all, have fun.
transcribed by Joe Butler
Добавлено: 29.07.2013
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